Fashion Gives Back…to orphans!

From now until Christmas, our blog posts will be dedicated to fashion that gives back! We do not want to let the holiday season pass without being a blessing to others. Since most of us will be giving gifts to family, friends, co-workers, kid’s teachers, secret Santa pals and the like, Mommy Fashionality be sharing wonderful gifts that give back. Here’s the first one….Common Threadz! Common Threadz is an organization committed to helping orphans in developing countries reach their full potential by empowering their communities with the resources necessary to succeed.  The company sells a variety of merchandise and for every item you buy, Common Threadz will give a school uniform to an orphan in Africa so that they may attend school, or meals for 1 month! This is definitely a “gift” with a greater purpose! Happy Shopping!!! 🙂

From THE ORPHAN COLLECTION (the designs on these items were created by orphans in Africa; buy an item…feed an orphan for 1 month!)

There’s so much MORE to see. Visit to see more items and make your purchases.

Go forth and be fabYOUlous!!!!


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