Be fabYOUlous!

Here’s the scoop on Mommy Fashionality! [All those who read this are accountable for liking us on Facebook (Mommy Fashionality page), following us on Twitter (@momfashionality), subscribing via email, and recommending us to at least one mommy friend!] *smile*

  • Mommy Fashionality….blog for moms/mommies-to-be about beauty, fashion, and style.
  • Fashionality defined….“fashion personality”
  • Goal….help all of the wonderful mommies of the world express their “fashionality”, usually in simple, practical, affordable ways…share the latest trends, great sales, new products…spotlight moms taking care of business and looking fab in the process!
  • We get it….as moms, we acknowledge and understand that motherhood is very rewarding, challenging, and sometimes draining. However we do not accept those realities as legitimate reasons for looking a hot mess!

We are committed to helping all moms (and our non-mommy fans) be fabYOUlous! There is no calculated formula for this. It simply consists of being who you are, loving who you are, and looking great in the process!!!



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