Fashion gives back…LOVE!

We hope you all are enjoying your day! Today’s post is about a really cool organization with a unique, and extremely necessary, purpose. To Write Love on Her Arms is dedicated to finding HOPE, providing ENCOURAGEMENT, and giving LOVE to help struggling with suicide, depression, self-injury, and addiction. If you have never heard of TWLOHA, you OWE it to yourself to read the vision and story of how this all began. It is very moving and powerful. I would not do it any justice by trying to tell it. READ IT!

Here are a few items we think would make great gifts, while also spreading the message of love, hope, forgiveness, and restoration that is To Write Love on Her Arms. Happy Shopping!!! 🙂







Visit for more information.

Go forth and be fabYOUlous ladies!!! Muah!


Fashion gives back…the gift of sight!

Happy Monday! Let’s make this an AMAZING!

Our last post was about TOMS shoes. Today we want to talk about TOMS eyewear! Continuing with their ONE for ONE initiative, for every pair of glasses you purchase, TOMS will donate a pair to someone in need. Again….it’s a win-win situation! Here are a few pairs we thought were super cute! Happy Shopping!!! Visit for information and styles. You can also do a “virtual try-on”. Enjoy!

Fashion gives back…to kids!

TGIF!!! For some, thank God it’s Friday! For others, thank God I’m fabulous! 🙂

By now EVERYONE has heard about Tom’s and the work they are doing to provide shoes for children in need! Here are a few cuties from their holiday collection. You buy one, TOMS donates one. It’s a win-win situation! Happy Shopping!

Visit for more styles and information!

Fashion gives back…to women!

Happy Wednesday mommies! We bring you another great gift idea that gives back to those in need….Paper to Pearls. We wrote about Paper to Pearls and the great work they are doing last summer. This wonderful organization empowers women in northern Uganda by providing opportunities for economic growth and education. Using recycled paper, the women create beautiful, eco-friendly beaded jewelry (and let me tell you…it looks nothing like paper). The sale of this jewelry provides income and puts the women of northern Uganda on a path towards economic independence and freedom. 75%-85% of the revenue from sales and donations directly supports the beaders. That’s great news! Happy Shopping!










Visit for information.

Go forth and be fabYOUlous!!! 🙂

Fashion Gives Back…to orphans!

From now until Christmas, our blog posts will be dedicated to fashion that gives back! We do not want to let the holiday season pass without being a blessing to others. Since most of us will be giving gifts to family, friends, co-workers, kid’s teachers, secret Santa pals and the like, Mommy Fashionality be sharing wonderful gifts that give back. Here’s the first one….Common Threadz! Common Threadz is an organization committed to helping orphans in developing countries reach their full potential by empowering their communities with the resources necessary to succeed.  The company sells a variety of merchandise and for every item you buy, Common Threadz will give a school uniform to an orphan in Africa so that they may attend school, or meals for 1 month! This is definitely a “gift” with a greater purpose! Happy Shopping!!! 🙂

From THE ORPHAN COLLECTION (the designs on these items were created by orphans in Africa; buy an item…feed an orphan for 1 month!)

There’s so much MORE to see. Visit to see more items and make your purchases.

Go forth and be fabYOUlous!!!!


Clothing company United Colors of Benetton is stirring up much controversy with their new ads for the “Unhate” campaign. The ads, recently launched in Milan, display world leaders kissing each other. Uhhhhhhhhhh…..we love the “unhate” message. The kissing leaders…not so much. The Vatican has already denounced the picture of Pope Benedict XVI kissing  Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh of the Al-Azzhar mosque. Needless to say, that picture has been pulled from the campaign. The purpose of these attention-getting photos is to promote a culture of tolerance and love. One thing is for sure….they’ve got our ATTENTION!

For more info about this campaign visit

RIP Evelyn Lauder

Today we would like to take a moment to celebrate and honor the life of Evelyn Lauder, creator of the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness, and daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder. The pink ribbon campaign has brought a tremendous amount of awareness about breast cancer and raised millions of dollars for research. Evelyn Lauder was a pioneer who contributed to the fight against this disease.  She died on Saturday at her home in New York of nongenetic ovarian cancer. She was 75 years old.

Mommies, always make time for your mammograms, self-exams, and wellness checks.

 “Love the ta-tas”! 🙂