Comfy Doesn’t Mean Frumpy!

While investigating the hottest trends for fall, I saw something that really concerned me! I discovered that “warm, comfy sweaters” would be one of the trends. And while this may sound alright, I immediately became concerned for our frumpy friends! Comfy does not mean FRUMPY! Here are a few ways to rock the warm and comfy look without looking like you just threw on any ‘ole thing! 🙂

Fall Trend: Warm, Cozy Sweaters

Don’t “fall” for it!

87220737I had planned to write about a different topic today but when I went to run a few errands earlier, I saw something that compelled me to change my mind.  Today I saw an alarming number of women wearing summer tops, tanks, and flip flops. While I admit it feels great outside and I have been walking around without a jacket today, let us not forget it’s still autumn. Although the weather may feel like spring/summer temperatures, the season remains the same. I admonish you ladies to dress for the season, not the temperature. I don’t encourage you to walk around bundled up when the weather is warmer, however there are many, simple ways you can dress appropriately for the temperature and the season. If you have packed away your spring/summer wardrobe, don’t go digging at the first sight of 70 degrees! If you haven’t packed away your spring/summer wardrobe, please do so quickly so you won’t be tempted. 🙂

A few simple tips for dressing for fall when the temperature is warmer:

  • Change your color scheme (leave the hot pinks, bright yellows, neons, etc. alone; think peacock colors!)
  • No flip flops . . . period.
  • No spaghetti strap, assymmetrical, or sleeveless tops.
  • Consider your sleeve length carefully; 3/4 length works very well.
  • No summer shorts or capris; try crop pants or fall/winter shorts with tights.
  • Note: These suggestions are for everyday wear. Special occasion outfits have different rules!

Be fabYOUlous . . . and in season!