Back to “School”!

It’s been a while but Mommy Fashionality is back! Hello mommies!!! Fall is almost here. It’s a time of transition and for many people, their favorite fashion season. While I do appreciate the great fashions that fall brings, I’m a complete and total SUMMER GIRL! Nevertheless, I do embrace the fall season as the perfect opportunity to regroup and refresh my wardrobe. I encourage you to do the same!

Use this season to re-imagine your wardrobe and give yourself a mini FASHION MAKEOVER! And before you start sighing and complaining about not knowing how to do that, the best piece of advice I can give you is SIMPLIFY. Don’t over-complicate this. Find a few great pieces that are comfortable (not to be confused with frumpy) and eye-catching and incorporate them into what you already have. Here are a few other simple ways to spruce things up this fall:

  • By a vibrant colored fall/winter coat. It’s a great way to brighten up dreary winter days.
  • A military jacket adds an instant “cool girl” factor.
  • Add printed cardigans to simple outfits to add a little spark!
  • Don’t forget your nails. Find cool colors for fall.
Easy fall spruce up!

Be fabYOUlous!!!


Lite Brite!

For all you children of the 80’s I’m sure you remember this toy. A black electronic board that comes with all these tiny colorful bulbs you can use to make wonderful pictures. When plugged in it’s like a neon sign, full of color and very bright. This summer will surely be a “lite brite” type of summer! With bold rich colors like hot pink, sunshine yellow, deep sea blue, leafy green, and blood red to choose from you are sure to light things up! Don’t be afraid to mix these bold colors together. They are compliments of each other and play well together. So as we push out of these dark winter months, brighten up your closet some. Don’t be afraid of COLOR! You’ll be thanking me later. 🙂

Your Spring Canvas!!!!

Spring makeup is all about fresh, youthful color! Paint from a palette of pastels, smooth on shimmer creams, and don’t sacrifice the SPF. As the flowers bloom and nature regains its color, so should your face. Spring is the flirtiest season for makeup application.

Before adding color to your face, make sure you’ve got a clean, smooth canvas. Use a light exfoliator to remove the dull flakes of dry skin, then smooth on a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Skip the heavy foundation; spring’s the time to let your skin breathe.

Sweep a bit of concealer under your eyes and onto blemishes, if needed. For extra eyeshadow adherence, you can apply a small amount of concealer to your upper lids, as well. Now that we’ve got your skin primed and glowing, let’s have fun with color!

Since springs’ so fresh and young, forego the contouring and sculpting you may have done in the winter, or may do again in the summer with bronzer. Smile big. Use a peachy-pink blush (complementary to all skin tones) to brighten your cheeks. Cream and liquid blushers melt into the skin best and look like the most natural flush. Using this color will make you look alert and happy, even after daylight saving’s time goes into effect. We could all use a little help then.

As far as your eyes go, the keyword is “experiment!” Stray from your usual black or brown liner to play with a pretty purple, turquoise, or green. Same goes for the shadows and mascaras. A monochromatic look might be overwhelming so avoid using three colors of blue shadow, a navy blue eyeliner, AND a turquoise mascara—all on the same day. Mix it up a bit. Try coral shadow with turquoise liner and your basic black mascara then coat just the tips of your lashes with a bright blue mascara.

Green eyes look especially bright with shades of violet, blues with orange or bronze, and hazel and brown with shades of pink shadows. Keep in mind, though, any color can look good with any set of eyes—you just have to find the right shade and consistency. That bright pink you love on your best friend may be a little too heavy for you; opt for a sheerer shade.

If your eyes are what you’re trying to play up, go with a sheer nude, pink, or peach gloss. These won’t overpower your eye makeup look and will prevent you from looking like you just escaped from the circus. If you think your lips are your best feature, go with a light bronze or very sheer cream shadow in the color of your choice, plus one swipe of black or brown mascara, and add pow to your mouth with a bright pink or peach. Stay away from bright red for day, but consider it for evening, if you like. Blue-based pinks and reds will make your teeth look whiter, but if you’re a peachy girl, try some of the over-the-counter tooth whiteners or whitening toothpastes and your smile will be just as dazzling.

You can top with a dusting of gold shimmer powder for glow and you’re done! Walk out the door feeling confident, carefree, and cute! Smile—you’ll be catching people’s eyes.


As the mom of a 2 year old (who will be 3 next week) and a 5 1/2 year old, it’s quite easy to go ridiculously long periods of time without a manicure and/or pedicure. However, in recent months I’ve been making an effort to polish my fingernails more. It’s funny how such a small thing can add a spark of color, express your personality, and make you feel good! Even though I know your days are busy and filled with “non-nail friendly” tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning tubs, and other forms of mommy manual labor, I encourage you to take a few minutes at least once a week to sit down and paint your nails (or visit the nail salon to have them painted). Add a little spunk to your outfits with hot nail colors!!!

Here are a few of the latest trends in nail color. (We love that nail color has trends!)

1. Navy polish (some girls like black polish, but try Russian Navy by OPI)

2. Minx nails (thin polymer sheets are placed on nails to create a shiny, futuristic look; Beyonce often wears these; also spotted on the Chanel runway.)

3. Ombre nails (fade to black for this cool effect but you’ll definitely have to visit the salon for this…please don’t try this at home :-))

4. Glitter it up! (rose-gold flecks in black lacquer to glam it up)

(Photos from

Russian Navy by OPI

Minx nails

Ombre nails

Glitter nail