Comfy Doesn’t Mean Frumpy!

While investigating the hottest trends for fall, I saw something that really concerned me! I discovered that “warm, comfy sweaters” would be one of the trends. And while this may sound alright, I immediately became concerned for our frumpy friends! Comfy does not mean FRUMPY! Here are a few ways to rock the warm and comfy look without looking like you just threw on any ‘ole thing! 🙂

Fall Trend: Warm, Cozy Sweaters

Back to “School”!

It’s been a while but Mommy Fashionality is back! Hello mommies!!! Fall is almost here. It’s a time of transition and for many people, their favorite fashion season. While I do appreciate the great fashions that fall brings, I’m a complete and total SUMMER GIRL! Nevertheless, I do embrace the fall season as the perfect opportunity to regroup and refresh my wardrobe. I encourage you to do the same!

Use this season to re-imagine your wardrobe and give yourself a mini FASHION MAKEOVER! And before you start sighing and complaining about not knowing how to do that, the best piece of advice I can give you is SIMPLIFY. Don’t over-complicate this. Find a few great pieces that are comfortable (not to be confused with frumpy) and eye-catching and incorporate them into what you already have. Here are a few other simple ways to spruce things up this fall:

  • By a vibrant colored fall/winter coat. It’s a great way to brighten up dreary winter days.
  • A military jacket adds an instant “cool girl” factor.
  • Add printed cardigans to simple outfits to add a little spark!
  • Don’t forget your nails. Find cool colors for fall.
Easy fall spruce up!

Be fabYOUlous!!!

Presenza’s Think Thin Tuesday!

Mommy Fashionality - Think Thin Tuesday
Hello readers!

I’d like to introduce you to Presenza. Presenza was started by Jill Homiak as a reinvention of the wrap top. Made specifically for ladies who are full chested, Presenza tops are made with a special design feature that makes them unique. You can expand the top half of the shirt by unbuttoning the area under the arm to add more cleavage coverage. The design also accentuates the smallest part of the waist. We are fans of Presenza and created the looks above as part of “Think Thin Tuesdays”. Please be sure to visit for more information about this fabulous brand!


Happy Shopping!!!!

Rent the Runway!


I am continually amazed by the great ideas that people come up with! Here’s the scoop on the latest idea we love! It’s called Rent the Runway. This online fashion business was started by friends Jennifer Hyman (Jenn) and Jennifer Fleiss (Jenny) to give us a lot more clothing options than many of our pockets can afford. Here’s the concept in short: you become a member(FREE), enter the date of your event, browse through available dresses and accessories, reserve the items you’d like to rent, and they’ll send them to you. They send TWO sizes to ensure you get the right fit! LOVE! And you return the items for FREE in the pre-paid envelope provided. They take care of the drycleaning. LOVE again!

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss

You have to check out this website! Such a great concept!!! Now you can wear designer fashions for 10% of the retail price. We are definitely fans!!! Yet another way that we can all be fabYOUlous!!!! 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Bump It Up!

Attention all pregnant mommies living in the Washington, DC metro area!

The W Washington hotel is hosting an event just for you! It’s a book party for Bump It Up, a book written by style expert and author Amy Tara Koch, that is all about transforming your pregnancy into the ultimate style statement! Love this! Although it may feel like it, being prego is NOT the time to just let yourself go! The Bump It Up party will include prego pampering treatments, car seat/stroller demos, “cravings based smorgasbord” and mocktails, and much more!! So if you are free this Sunday, April 11 from 12-2p stop by the W hotel for some prego fun!

If you plan to attend this wonderful event please RSVP. For more information about Bump It Up visit

Be fabYOUlous pregos!!! 🙂

Let’s hear it for the boys!

OMG! For the first time in my almost 3 years of parenting I have found a kids collection where the boys selection is far more cute than the girls! What am I talking about you ask? Htg 81 Kids, Forever 21’s new kids line. Sorry girls but this time, for once, this line isn’t really catering to you. But the boys are rocking it out! From the Kanye West inspired purple and black stripe zip up jacket to the acid washed distressed skinny jeans, your son will definitely look like a rock star with these looks. The only problem is these pieces are for the big kids. So for all of you moms with toddlers (like me), you’ll have to wait a few more years. I guess for right now I’ll stock up for my nephew and hope that his pieces will still be in good enough condition to pass down to Aiden (hopefully…with fingers crossed). But for all of you moms out there with kids between the ages of 8 to 12 check Htg 81 Kids out. You’ll have a ball shopping, I promise! 🙂

Mommy Fashionality Street Fashion Finds

Today's mini-fashionista!

Once again I have found someone who has rocked my world with their massive fashionality! This mini fashionista not only has fashionality, but a huge personality to go along with it.  I met 3 year old Chasity (and her mom Charlene, who is in the back smiling like a proud mom) at a birthday party I attended with my son Aiden. Check out her pose! 🙂 So cute! Her outfit is fun, kid-friendly, and has a whole lot of fashionality! I love it! Fashionistas truly come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes!