Presenza’s Think Thin Tuesday!

Mommy Fashionality - Think Thin Tuesday
Hello readers!

I’d like to introduce you to Presenza. Presenza was started by Jill Homiak as a reinvention of the wrap top. Made specifically for ladies who are full chested, Presenza tops are made with a special design feature that makes them unique. You can expand the top half of the shirt by unbuttoning the area under the arm to add more cleavage coverage. The design also accentuates the smallest part of the waist. We are fans of Presenza and created the looks above as part of “Think Thin Tuesdays”. Please be sure to visit for more information about this fabulous brand!


Happy Shopping!!!!


Bump It Up!

Attention all pregnant mommies living in the Washington, DC metro area!

The W Washington hotel is hosting an event just for you! It’s a book party for Bump It Up, a book written by style expert and author Amy Tara Koch, that is all about transforming your pregnancy into the ultimate style statement! Love this! Although it may feel like it, being prego is NOT the time to just let yourself go! The Bump It Up party will include prego pampering treatments, car seat/stroller demos, “cravings based smorgasbord” and mocktails, and much more!! So if you are free this Sunday, April 11 from 12-2p stop by the W hotel for some prego fun!

If you plan to attend this wonderful event please RSVP. For more information about Bump It Up visit

Be fabYOUlous pregos!!! 🙂

Kitchen Glam!

Cooking is not always the most fun job in the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from being fabulous while you’re doing it! Flirty Aprons is a website that is sure to help you with all of your domesticating diva needs. These aprons are great for hosting parties and other events where you find yourself in the kitchen. If you need a bridal shower gift that’s out of the ordinary, Flirty Aprons make great gifts! The bride-to-be can use one to whip up something in the kitchen and the bedroom. However and wherever you decide to wear it, you are sure to be glamorous in it. It may not make cooking any more fun but at least the pepper won’t be the only thing adding spice in the kitchen. Take a peak at these wonderful products at

“The Vision of Flirty Aprons emerges in the company’s efforts to create products that truly help women feel important and noticed – products that give new life to mundane activities, and bring color and style to the home.”

Be fabYOUlous! 🙂

30 Days of a Fashionable YOU!

“This year I plan to wear heels all the time (except at work).” Kerry
When you wake up in the morning and put on your clothes, can you honestly say you put thought into what you put on, or is it just the quickest thing you could get together? I can’t lie, even being a stylist, I put much thought into others style but little-to-none in my own. This year I am changing that! This year the first stylish thoughts I have will go into creating my own outfit. It’s so easy as a mother, whether working inside or outside of the home, to forget about your own style. You’re so busy dressing others that your own style sometimes goes to the birds. 🙂 Well I challenge you, take 30 days and put your style first. Take pictures and send them to us at We’ll post them on our page so other moms can see the new, well-thought out YOU and get some inspiration! And hopefully after 30 days you will continue being the new stylish YOU!


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It’s in the bag!

Tis the season to be jolly! And for many people I know that means baby making season! 🙂 It seems like every week I hear of prego news. As a matter of fact, the most recent news came today! If you are experiencing a similar “season” in your life, or just need a great gift for an expecting mom, check out a Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag. These are not your average diaper bags! Timi and Leslie bags are extremely functional with great style. They come with changing pad, wristlet, waterproof lining, bottle tote, duster, and even a dirty clothes bag. Jessica Alba has been spotted sporting one around town. Here’s what they have to say about their fabulous, mom-friendly products:

“TIMI & LESLIE believes that wearing a diaper bag no longer means forsaking fashion! Our brand of chic, hold-everything styles come in vibrant shades and durable fabrics….a convertible diaper bag that satisfies new moms and fashionistas, alike. Women don’t have to sacrifice style just because they’ve become a mommy! The range of our bag shapes are multi-functional as a diaper bag, handbag and even a work bag with customizable compartments, laptop inserts and all the essential accessories for a diaper bag that make staying organized a breeze. TIMI & LESLIE diaper bags are for the woman in every mom!”

You can find a great selection of Timi and Leslie bags by simply googling Timi and Leslie, or you can visit Happy Shopping!!!

🙂 Be fabYOUlous!

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A Lesson From Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba GabbaIf any of you have children under the age of 6 I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the show Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. On the show there’s a song they sing to encourage kids to try new foods and veggies. It’s called “Try It, You’ll Like It!” I’m not here to convince you to eat more veggies, although some of us could definitely increase our intake. But I’m here to encourage you to try new things OFTEN when it comes to your fashion.  I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with women about how a particular style or trend won’t look good on them and they’ve never even tried it. They say things like “I know my body!” or “I know what works for me!” This may be true but it’s not applicable for all situations. I don’t believe that every trend is for every body. But I do know that it’s not always easy to determine if a style or trend will look good on you WITHOUT TRYING IT ON. How it looks on a hanger or even another woman, is not how it will look on YOU. Too often we get stuck in a fashion box. We find what works for us and stick with it! While I do appreciate your tenacity, this is one situation where perhaps you should be a little less committed. 🙂

Fashion is always changing. Be a fashion adventurer! Try new things! If they don’t work then move on to something else. Just don’t be a fashion bore….yaaaawwwnnnnn!!!! What you wear communicates a lot more about you than you think. While you may think you’re communicating, “I’m confident and sure of myself”, your clothes may be communicating “I’m actually pretty boring and afraid to take risks”. There are so many things that would look GREAT on you if you would just give them a try! So stop thinking you know more than you do and try new fashions! You might actually find something that looks better (and more current) than what you’ve been holding on to!

In the words of Yo Gabba Gabba, TRY IT . . . YOU’LL LIKE IT!!! 🙂

Be fabYOUlous!!!

Work with what you’ve got!

HU Homecoming - ErickaThis past weekend I celebrated homecoming at the illustrious Howard University (my alma mater)! It was a very fun weekend filled with old friends, parties, and other interesting adventures! On Friday evening I wore the super cute dress-turned-shirt you see pictured. I was kind of concerned about the color of the dress because I have a tendency to sweat. And no one wants sweat marks! I needed some of those nifty little things that you place on the inside of your clothing to catch the sweat, but of course I didn’t have any of those. So I had to improvise. I looked around my bathroom and suddenly I had an idea! I could use thin panty liners to solve my problem! I know, sounds weird. Some of you may have tried this trick before but I felt very proud of myself for coming up with this. I did it and it worked perfectly! I simply placed them on the inside of the shirt in the armpit area and voila . . . a homemade “sweat catcher”.

Next time you’re in a bind and you’re worried about those sweat marks, try it! 🙂

Be fabYOUlous!

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