Presenza’s Think Thin Tuesday!

Mommy Fashionality - Think Thin Tuesday
Hello readers!

I’d like to introduce you to Presenza. Presenza was started by Jill Homiak as a reinvention of the wrap top. Made specifically for ladies who are full chested, Presenza tops are made with a special design feature that makes them unique. You can expand the top half of the shirt by unbuttoning the area under the arm to add more cleavage coverage. The design also accentuates the smallest part of the waist. We are fans of Presenza and created the looks above as part of “Think Thin Tuesdays”. Please be sure to visit for more information about this fabulous brand!


Happy Shopping!!!!


Trunki…luggage for little people

Today is officially the 1st day of summer! Many of you probably have summer vacations planned for the kiddos! Well, if you’re the parent of smaller children (approximately 3-6 yrs old) you may want to consider getting your little one a Trunki. Trunki is the world’s first ride-on kid’s suitcase! Lightweight and durable, it’s wheeled design is perfect for little travelers as a carry-on, as well as a ride-on. This luggage is sure to make any trip lots of fun!! Check it out.

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Doctor T’s Supergoop

Every morning I arrive to work about an hour early. So the first thing I do before getting my work started is walk the sales floor to see what’s new, what’s on sale, and what’s a cool new product I can try! During today’s morning walk, here’s what I found and I’m already a fan. Doctor T’s Supergoop.


 Here’s the rundown:

  • Designed to soothe and protect from UV damage.
  • For sensitive skin (face and body).
  • Zinc oxide provides anti-irritating UV protection.
  • Green tea and vitamin E reduce irritation and redness and combat free-radical damage.
  • Helps to prevent signs of aging. (we LOVE that!)
  • Paraben-free.
  • 100% fragrance-free.
  • No greasy feeling.
  • Water-resistant.

Of course I tried a tester wipe and I loved it! So easy to apply. The travel size comes with 8 wipes so you can stick them in your purse and you use them when you need to. Nice to have when you and the kiddos are unexpectedly in the sun for an extended period of time. And best of all…..the travel pack is only $10!!!!! Betcha didn’t know Nordstrom carried ANYTHING that costs only $10! 🙂 (30 count wipes – $34)

Give Doctor T’s Supergoop a try! Happy Shopping!

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Lite Brite!

For all you children of the 80’s I’m sure you remember this toy. A black electronic board that comes with all these tiny colorful bulbs you can use to make wonderful pictures. When plugged in it’s like a neon sign, full of color and very bright. This summer will surely be a “lite brite” type of summer! With bold rich colors like hot pink, sunshine yellow, deep sea blue, leafy green, and blood red to choose from you are sure to light things up! Don’t be afraid to mix these bold colors together. They are compliments of each other and play well together. So as we push out of these dark winter months, brighten up your closet some. Don’t be afraid of COLOR! You’ll be thanking me later. 🙂

Don’t “fall” for it!

87220737I had planned to write about a different topic today but when I went to run a few errands earlier, I saw something that compelled me to change my mind.  Today I saw an alarming number of women wearing summer tops, tanks, and flip flops. While I admit it feels great outside and I have been walking around without a jacket today, let us not forget it’s still autumn. Although the weather may feel like spring/summer temperatures, the season remains the same. I admonish you ladies to dress for the season, not the temperature. I don’t encourage you to walk around bundled up when the weather is warmer, however there are many, simple ways you can dress appropriately for the temperature and the season. If you have packed away your spring/summer wardrobe, don’t go digging at the first sight of 70 degrees! If you haven’t packed away your spring/summer wardrobe, please do so quickly so you won’t be tempted. 🙂

A few simple tips for dressing for fall when the temperature is warmer:

  • Change your color scheme (leave the hot pinks, bright yellows, neons, etc. alone; think peacock colors!)
  • No flip flops . . . period.
  • No spaghetti strap, assymmetrical, or sleeveless tops.
  • Consider your sleeve length carefully; 3/4 length works very well.
  • No summer shorts or capris; try crop pants or fall/winter shorts with tights.
  • Note: These suggestions are for everyday wear. Special occasion outfits have different rules!

Be fabYOUlous . . . and in season!

Hot Looks, Cold Prices

End of Summer Sale Sign

Now that the temperature is changing for real, many of us are getting ready for the next few months of colder weather. While some of us embrace this change, others are dreading it! And then there’s a select group who live in warm climates who won’t really be affected much at all. For all of the fashionistas bracing for the cold, this temperature change means a weekend of unpacking your winter wardrobe and packing up your summer items. Well, before you pack everything up how about adding some new pieces. Yes, I know the forecast doesn’t call for halters and tubes but the price points do! 

As retailers continue to purge their stores in preparation for new merchandise, there are still some “end of summer” sales for you to take advantage of so you can be ready for next summer. Instead of spending $30 on one vacation bikini, how about getting 3 for the same price?! You can stack up now and be cute later! I must admit, I always say that I’m going to do this and never do. How unfortunate! Untapped sales are like unused scholarship money . . . they really should not go to waste! Perhaps this season will be different. 🙂 And please, as you add items to your collection be sure to give away those items that are collecting dust! If you haven’t worn it all summer, chances are you probably won’t wear it next summer either.

In the wise way of the small ant, store up for summer now and reap all the compliments later. Happy Savings!