Fashion gives back…the gift of sight!

Happy Monday! Let’s make this an AMAZING!

Our last post was about TOMS shoes. Today we want to talk about TOMS eyewear! Continuing with their ONE for ONE initiative, for every pair of glasses you purchase, TOMS will donate a pair to someone in need. Again….it’s a win-win situation! Here are a few pairs we thought were super cute! Happy Shopping!!! Visit for information and styles. You can also do a “virtual try-on”. Enjoy!


Fashion gives back…to kids!

TGIF!!! For some, thank God it’s Friday! For others, thank God I’m fabulous! 🙂

By now EVERYONE has heard about Tom’s and the work they are doing to provide shoes for children in need! Here are a few cuties from their holiday collection. You buy one, TOMS donates one. It’s a win-win situation! Happy Shopping!

Visit for more styles and information!