Layer it up!

I came across a great “how-to” styling guide in my Lucky magazine that I thought would be great to share with you! This guide talks about how to layer two cardigan sweaters. As the temperatures continue to drop and it gets colder, layering definitely doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Layering two cardigans is a great way to give a new look to your old clothes. A lot of times we can create great “new” outfits by simply mixing up our own pieces, perhaps in a way that we wouldn’t normally wear them. Give this idea a try!

Tip: When layering your cardigans be sure to choose sweaters that are middle-to-lightweight and form fitting for the best look.

Be fabYOUlous! 🙂

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Short Sleeved Coats…huh?

Short Sleeved CoatsAs the temperatures continue to drop as winter approaches, most of us can only think of bundling up to stay warm! So the idea of a short sleeved coat (0r sweater), to the practical mind, doesn’t make much sense at all. But for the fashion minded, it’s a clever spin on a winter staple item.  You can wear these cute coats with a heavy sweater underneath and still keep warm. The sleeves on the short sleeved coat leave room for you to experiment with different kinds of sweaters without worrying about the thickness. It’s also a great way to add a splash of contrasting color to make your outfit more interesting.

So next time you’re shopping and you see a cropped sleeve coat (or sweater), give it a try! You might actually look really cool. 🙂

Hot Looks, Cold Prices

End of Summer Sale Sign

Now that the temperature is changing for real, many of us are getting ready for the next few months of colder weather. While some of us embrace this change, others are dreading it! And then there’s a select group who live in warm climates who won’t really be affected much at all. For all of the fashionistas bracing for the cold, this temperature change means a weekend of unpacking your winter wardrobe and packing up your summer items. Well, before you pack everything up how about adding some new pieces. Yes, I know the forecast doesn’t call for halters and tubes but the price points do! 

As retailers continue to purge their stores in preparation for new merchandise, there are still some “end of summer” sales for you to take advantage of so you can be ready for next summer. Instead of spending $30 on one vacation bikini, how about getting 3 for the same price?! You can stack up now and be cute later! I must admit, I always say that I’m going to do this and never do. How unfortunate! Untapped sales are like unused scholarship money . . . they really should not go to waste! Perhaps this season will be different. 🙂 And please, as you add items to your collection be sure to give away those items that are collecting dust! If you haven’t worn it all summer, chances are you probably won’t wear it next summer either.

In the wise way of the small ant, store up for summer now and reap all the compliments later. Happy Savings!